New Pet Shop Selling Dog and Cat Food at Jocuri

Welcoming the latest addition to the Jocuri Fun Metroplex, Pets R Us! The shop has been setting up and working on their interior over the last 3 months getting it ready to open and they’re finally ready! We’re excited for this launch and we know this will be an amazing addition to our community in general. This will be the only pet shop within a ten mile radius so that is going to mean business. And with the number of dog owners and cat owners around us, we’re certain that they’ll be in business for a long time here at Jocuri.

puppy eating from a slow feeder dog bowl, greenThe specialty items sold by this shop are slow feeding dog bowls as well as an auto feeder that integrates with any smart phone or device. They will also deliver dog or cat food directly to the home of anyone who needs it, or if they subscribe to the mobile app, they can have food automatically delivered once their supply gets low. What a genius idea!

About Pets R Us

Pets R Us has been in business for over a decade in other cities around the Illinois area including shops in Chicago. They started operations from a garage in Detroit as an ecommerce only store, selling specialty pet foods. As the demand grew, and they started distributing across the region, they realized that instead of warehousing all the product, they might as well warehouse it in a store where people can come grab it from the shelf. The great thing for them is that their food uses all natural ingredients and has been flying off the shelves since their inception in 2005. Thankfully they know they have customers around Jocuri already based on their shipment data, so they’re looking forward to not only servicing the old clients but making some new ones. Very thankful to have them in the building, please stop by their spot at the Jocuri fun center! You’ll surely be glad you did.

Bringing Chicago Video Producers to Jocuri Fun

funny video production from chicagoVideo production has become the number one way to enhance branding and brand sentiment for many businesses. There are a growing number of experts who say that video is going to top the Internet’s traffic by the end of this year, and those who are already on board with this understand the incredible impact that this kind of advertising has.

Video for Advertising Products or Brands

Video has always been the most powerful medium for advertising. Nowhere else can you get something created that displays a product being used by beautiful people, generating incredible product desire. In fact, going back to the days before the internet, television was literally started so advertisers could show off products. It was only later that they realized they needed something to keep folks entertained so they would stay tuned in to watching the commercials, and that’s how sitcoms were born.

Recently, with the commercialization of YouTube and other video mediums, you can’t get past an advertisement unless you have an upgraded account, so just about everyone who owns a YouTube channel has enabled commercial ads in front of their own material. This is an option and can be turned on or off, but why not monetize?

Being that there are so many different ways of using video, from introducing a product or service to actually producing commercials that have gone viral, to educational videos, it is with joy that we bring you for our highest recommendation a video production company out of Chicago. They have been on the cutting edge of branding and design for over a decade and will continue to lead the way in IL for companies who want the entire package when it comes to building a brand from design through delivery of a website and videos.

Using videos for training or how-to

If your business model relies heavily on educating your customers, a how-to video can be very helpful and keep your phone lines from ringing off the hook. When there is good education on-demand, people would rather choose to find the information themselves than to have to call a help desk somewhere. And with the hosting of video being free, it’s no wonder that when faced with a great option for educating folks, so many turn to creating powerful and compelling videos, where they’re in complete control of how others see their brand.

Turning video views into dollars

It’s no secret that video converts better than anything else. Better than writing, better than pictures, better than a beautiful website. Adding video keeps visitors to a website around longer, and can usually enhance the experience with some type of free giveaway in the form of education. A best practice is to give some of your premium info away for free through the video so as to keep viewers around long enough to watch, then hopefully get a social share out of the interaction.

Thanks for reading and please consider doing business with them if you have any video needs!

Welcoming Fulfillment by Amazon Competitors to Jocuri

line from Los Angeles fulfillment company's websiteAmazon is the largest fulfillment business on the planet, rivaled only by its Asian counterpart, Alibaba. But where do you turn if you’re not real excited about shipping your products to your customers in a box branded by someone else? For a growing number of businesses, they’re turning to a fulfillment center Los Angeles for a higher quality, elegantly packaged and handled product. This is becoming more and more important as new ecommerce businesses are coming to market.

Fulfillment as an Outsourced Service

Most smaller boutiques that start in ecom, usually find that their threshold for handling shipping and receiving on their own can manage until they get to 50 orders per week, give or take. This makes for just about as much working “in” the business that most can handle without having to hire more employees and get a bigger warehouse somewhere. So turning to a company who treats customers like people and assigns them account managers instead of case managers makes all the difference. What is that difference? Simple. If for some reason there’s a hiccup in your supply chain management and you’ve got to get in touch with you fulfillment company, your options with large corporations are limited to waiting your turn and having someone overseas handle your case, on a case-by-case basis. With an account manager, if anything comes up, you have direct access to your personal representative in that company who knows you, your products, your customers, just about anything that you could possibly want to know will be easily handled by that rep.

Delivering Your Brand

Delivering your brand is of the highest importance if you’re hoping to keep customers. For many years, the only way for businesses to do this was to do everything in house. Not any more. With companies like One World, you’re able deliver your brand in your box, without having to touch it. Need something folded neatly and a bow wrapped around it before it goes into a box? No problem. Customizing your fulfillment options is easy and can be handled by the pros in the outsourced warehouse. So if you’re in the market for an Amazon alternative or a Shipwire alternative, look no further!

The Main Reasons For Aerial Advertising in San Francisco

Aerial advertising is an important aspect in the success of any business enterprise. Especially for firms operating in niches which are accompanied with vast competition, advertising is the key factor that will determine the total sales made by each enterprise. This is especially a good time to consult an aerial advertising company. Actually, advertising consists of techniques that business owners use to present products to customers, enticing them to procure the products. It is mainly done with aim of:

1.    Introducing A New Product
Where a product is new on market and customers are unaware of its existence, producers ought to advertise the product with the aim of formally launching it on market. In this case, traders always brag of the product’s pros and rarely speak of its cons. They also urge customers to try out the product and assure them that the product will certainly suit them.

2.    Reminding Customers About The Existence Of A Product
When the number of sales made from a product lessens, there are high chances that this could be because of customers forgetting about it or it is just getting stiff competition from substitute products. Here, producers ought to remind customers about the existence of the product and this is when advertising is of essence. The advertiser can speak about the product’s pros and should inform customers that the product will continue to be the best.

3.    For product promotion
Where the product has lost its familiarity and the number of customers procuring is gradually reducing, there is need for the producer to advertise the product. He or she can inform product users about new features introduced on the product and should as well present reasons why the customers should actually rely on the product.


The results that a firm gets from advertising depend on the quality of advertising techniques used. This is why your enterprise must be keen with this aspect and should use the best techniques possible.

Hint, also good for proposal ideas!

San Francisco Aerial Advertising Businesses:

Aerial Media Services
3030 Bridgeway #420, Sausalito, CA 94965

Aerial Beacon
8517 Earhart Rd, Oakland, CA 94621
(510) 356-3944

New at Jocuri – Consider Putting Wall Art Stickers On Your Walls

hanging wall art stickers in the kitchenA lot of people don’t know what to put on their walls beside a fresh coat in paint. They may not want to hang artwork there, and might not be interested in posters either. Thankfully, there’s an attractive and easy to apply option available.

So what is that option? Wall art stickers? While the name may conjure up an image of the kind of stickers you use on paper, these stickers work very differently. They’re made using vinyl film so that they can be peeled off and removed without leaving a mark.

Another great thing about these wall art stickers is that they can easily be moved from one place to another. Don’t like where you stuck your sticker? No problem! Peel it off and place it somewhere else. It’s that easy! You can even take a sticker with you when you move.

You can also place these decals on practically any kind of surface. They work on standard walls, but they also work on tile, glass, wood, and even metal. All that matters is that the surface is clean and free of dust. If you have that, you won’t have any problems.

There are all kinds of different stickers available. There are decals for kids that include cute artwork or popular TV characters. There are a wide range of decals that include popular quotes. There are also beautiful floral designs, more abstract pieces, and more. When it comes to these decals, the sky truly is the limit.

In fact, there are a lot of companies that even offer customizable wall stickers! You can submit a design to them, and they’ll print it out on a sticker for you. In some cases, designers might work with you in order to create a beautiful design that has everything you’re looking for in your wall art.

You can give your interiors a fresh new look with these beautiful stickers. They’re stylish, attractive, and of a very high quality. Best of all, they’re extremely affordable. You can afford to hang one in every room of your house!

If you’ve been looking for a way to spice up your home, this is definitely something you should look into. Wall art stickers really work with every style, and they’re easy for anyone to hang up and install. They’re an especially good fit for people in apartments.

So where can you buy these stickers? For the most part, people purchase them online. However, a lot of big box stores have a small selection of them. You may also be able to order them from a catalog. There are companies that specialize in these sorts of decals including wall decal quotes, sayings and other greatness.

When you step into your house every day, you should feel like you’ve come home. The place you live needs a few special personal touches. That’s something that these wall decals can provide in spades. Take a look at what’s out there and see if you can find something that’s right for you!

Visit Carlsbad Contractor, Pacific Coast

Men working with Carlsbad contractor on storefront remodelAs a continued value-add service to our visitors, we are happy to welcome a highly reputable construction company, Pacific Coast Corporate out of Carlsbad CA. They are a contractor who specializes in water damage repair around the entire region spanning 4 counties. They have over 20 years of experience in restoration, new construction, reconstruction, waterproofing and the entire host of related disciplines.

Contractor from Carlsbad Lands World-Class Clients

They have grown over the decades by word of mouth, which is only gained by doing a good job. When the right company hears about a product or service which is business to business, then the sky is the limit for that company. Pacific Coast has consistently been awarded some major contracts that utilize the host of their services. If you’re looking at either a commercial or residential construction project, reach out to PCC and they’ll get the job done at the right price and within the schedule.

Contacting Carlsbad Construction Companies:

Pacific Coast Corporate 390 Oak Ave, Suite A
Carlsbad CA 92008
Lic. #: B/D-12 927554
p: (760) 298-3170
Grant General Contractors
5051 Avenida Encinas
Carlsbad, CA 92008

Welcoming Luxury Ireland Tours Travel agency

To continue adding value to those who visit the Jocuri-Fun center, we want to invite you to explore the world with Ireland tours. They have been providing bespoke luxury tours of Ireland as well as Scotland for many years and have recently re-branded. The result is more and more opportunity to reach more individuals and families with amazing travel accommodations. Since not only the folks who are running the business from the state side are Irish and or Scottish, so will be the limo drivers who chauffeur their guests all around the finest places to visit. According to their managing partner, they also provide luxury tours of Scotland through some of the most famous as well as little-known castles, resorts, golf courses, fishing trips etc…

Irish and Scottish tours in Luxury

Limo drivers taking people on Ireland Tours last fallIf luxury touring is your style, then has jumped on board in the industry and is disrupting the market with their cross-continental business presence as well as their growing social media following and search presence. Whatever they’re doing, it’s working. They have been popping up more and more often in related searches across all engines, which has surely got to result in their business taking over the traveling world as it relates to the European areas mentioned above.

Be sure that when you pack for your vacation, you have everything you need. You can get stocked up at the Jocuri-Fun center by making reservations at our resident tailor to have a kilt made (tongue-in-cheek), or you can do your shopping nearby. All of this being said, we want to bring you the awareness of our new business being represented here. They are truly among the top travel agencies on the planet with professional staff, unique and compelling tours, great packages and prices. Visit them in STE 2000 at the center.

Coming soon: Cosmetic Liposuction Clinic

Jocuri is pleased to be in negotiation with a lipo clinic that does laser liposuction and other treatments to reduce the fat around the body parts of a patient’s choosing. This kind of treatment is usually selective and not medical in the sense that it typically not covered by any kind of insurance. Because the laser or tumescent type can be used in a number of occasions, many folks who start their search usually need to get themselves educated on the info that’s out there on the subject.

Typical Patients for fat reduction surgery

Surgeons who perform these kinds of operations are typically knowledgeable on which kind of treatment to provide patients and at the new office in the Jocuri center, they will be helping mothers get the “mommy makeover,” as well as reducing fat in all areas of the body, including doing breast augmentations. They will also perform treatments on men and not just women. Many men have gynecomastia, or the enlargement of the breasts, which can be embarrassing so they too can get treatment. With the advancement of the great technologies available to people today, as well as the number of clinics providing treatments, the cost has gone down over the last decade, so now is a great time to come through and check out your options!

New Orthodontic Office Now Open

The Jocuri Fun center is pleased to announce Irvine orthodontics as being included in the new line up for offices in our space. We have gone to considerable lengths to bring dental clinics and other medical offices to our community and this is part of that vision. We are hopeful that you’ll find everything you need from an Irvine orthodontist who is now doing business in the community. Many families in the area make it a great market for this type of client and we’re hopeful that your family will find everything you’re looking for in the Jocuri Fun center. Thanks for choosing us when you’re out and about in the area and stop by to visit them whenever you’re in need of braces or help with your current brackets. (original post edited at business owner’s request)

Upcoming Chiropractic and Wellness Office Coming Soon

As the continued search for high-end clients which are bringing a value-added service to our visitors, we’re happy to announce the inclusion of Carlsbad Chiropractic to the Jocuri Fun center. Wellness is one of the values we’re bringing to the community as we consistently look for new and useful options for the community to “better” themselves. With this in mind, we are happy to partner with Dr. Frost who will be bringing the highest levels of service to patients from surrounding towns as well such as the large population in Oceanside.

carlsbad chiropracticChiropractors and Spinal Adjustments

Chiropractors are accepted as medical doctors and Frost Chiro now accepts all types of insurance. This is great since we have such a mix of individuals in the community on all types of insurance. We want to let you know that they also are able and willing to work with patients who don’t have any insurance and are good at coming up with individual plans and service options for anyone who needs help. Please visit them when you’re at the center and leave a chiropractor review when you’re there!

Article contributed by A. Beidleman